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Akron - 2022 DWSRF Water Meter Replacement & AMA System

Project # CMGM220150(2)

Town of Akron
Akron Town Hall, 207 1st Avenue South, Akron, AL 35441
Bid Date
December 12, 2023 11:00 am
Bid Type
Sealed Bid
Price Range
$650,000 - $700,000
List of Bidders
Hudson Contracting, Inc.
Phone: 601-735-4731

UWS, Inc.
Phone: 706-734-0577
Contact for Obtaining Bid Documents
To obtain bid documents, please email the plan order form to Credit Cards are not accepted. Please make the check payable to GMC. Thank you!!
Additional Bid Information
Plan Order Form-CMGM220150(2) Akron Water Meters
Download Documents