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GMC hosts school safety and security summit

April 9, 2013 · Insights

Security experts Michael Dorn and Dr. Randall Atlas featured as event guest speakers

GMC hosted its first School Safety and Security Summit, in collaboration with internationally renowned security experts Michael Dorn and Dr. Randall Atlas, on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 in Atlanta. School and public officials and architects were among the event attendees learning how to ensure safety and security are top priorities in the design and planning process of educational facilities.

GMC Principal Bill Wallace and his team of architects organized the security summit after a client referred to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting as a “game changer.”

“As architects at GMC, doing a lot of K-12 and post-secondary education design, we wanted to get on the forefront of understanding what exactly it means for the designs we do for the public,” Wallace said. “That being the case, we convened this conference to better understand how we can better serve our clients.”

Event attendees participated in interactive learning modules led by keynote speakers Dorn and Atlas that focused on creating not only safer schools, but more effective and pleasant learning environments using evidence-based approaches, such as Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and increasing security through certain design concepts.

Tim Padgett, Carroll County’s Emergency Management Agency Director, was among the training participants. “It was a great meeting and learning seminar,” he said. “I feel that the more we can bridge the gap between architects and public safety and schools, the better off we will be.”