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Join GMC at WEFTEC 2018

September 1, 2018 · Insights, Uncategorized

WEFTEC 2018 Test Tubes Feature Image

Learn how to better control wastewater treatment processes with Dr. Sean Scuras, GMC’s Technical Director for Water and Wastewater Treatment, at WEFTEC 2018!

Sean ScurasHeaded to The Big Easy for WEFTEC 2018? Don’t miss GMC Technical Director for Water and Wastewater Treatment Sean Scuras’ workshops on wastewater microbiology on Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 30. Plant operators, managers and engineers will use staining techniques and phase-contrast microscopes to analyze floc and will identify protozoa, metazoa and filaments to develop practical information to help them control their processes. Lecture will discuss types of microorganisms involved; environmental factors affecting them, and metabolism and growth characteristics that may affect participant’s processes.  In combination the participant should be able to return to a plant and immediately help with related process control problems.

Sean Scuras, PE, PhD, BCEE, began working as a water and wastewater engineer in 1983 and has worked with nutrient removal processes since 1989. He has experience in treatment process design, operation and research. Dr. Scuras is a process specialist skilled in process modeling, analysis of alternative processes, preliminary and final process design engineering and process optimization, troubleshooting, start-up and operator training. He has conducted energy audits and comprehensive performance evaluations, developed corrective action plans and designed engineering upgrades to improve water and wastewater treatment plant performance in areas such as sedimentation, nutrient removal, disinfection, hydraulic capacity and energy efficiency. Over the course of his career, he has gained water and wastewater engineering experience ranging from sewer mapping and sewer system evaluation surveys, evaluation of water chemistry and corrosion control, design of physical/ chemical and biological treatment processes, to teaching and research on process optimization and modeling.

Unable to attend the workshop? Let us schedule a similar session at your facility! Contact Tony Reid for more details.