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Disaster Recovery Senior Project Manager

Erica Klevers

201 North Franklin Street
Suite 250
Tampa, FL 33602

Tel: 813-678-2420


Erica Klevers is a Senior Project Manager with experience in disaster recovery, public planning, and team management experience which enables her to successfully manage FEMA public assistance programs from inception through project closeout. Her expertise of the grants management system, public administration, public planning, and financial compliance are essential to successful administration of Public Assistance funding while providing critical risk mitigation to her clients.

Erica brings her expertise of disaster recovery utilizing vast experience in CDBG, GIS, community development and redevelopment, 404 HMP, subrecipient risk assessment, monitoring, closeout, and compliance activities. Her public planning knowledge is an invaluable asset to the development of project worksheets (PW), post-damage assessments (PDAs), mitigation projects, reporting procedures, applicant appeals, and cost substantiation.

Projects – Disaster Recovery

  • Engineering