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Innovative Strategies to Optimize Value of School Facilities

July 15, 2021 · Insights

By Tanner Backman, AIA

Extending the reach of the school facility and magnifying its value.

Excerpted from July/August 2021 School Business Affairs magazine.

The value a school facility offers to the surrounding community is critical. Is the location central to optimal community use? Does the structure complement nearby buildings? Does it provide services that everyone can use, such as a community center, library, and recreational facilities?

Creative project teams can optimize the value of the school facility for students and the community by designing it into the flow of the community. They can often make anew building seem like a long-standing part of the community.

That was the approach project team leaders used to optimize Pelham Park Middle School in Pelham, Alabama, which serves 800 students in grades six to eight. Here are the challenges and insights the award-winning facility offers.

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