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Regional Technical Leader

John Raiford

117 Welborn Street
Greenville, SC 29601

Tel: 864-527-0460


Dr. Raiford has extensive progressive experience with wet infrastructure projects encompassing water, sewer and storm system design including: groundwater wells; pump stations; water treatment; closed and open system hydraulics; collection, distribution and riverine modeling; stormwater quality; low impact development; and coastal hurricane surge modeling. Dr. Raiford performed his master’s work on characterizing rainfall frequencies for Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. His doctoral research was in the numerical and physical modeling of turbulent shear flows including a depth-averaged open channel model. John’s extensive educational background including hydraulics, stormwater management, hydrology, hydrogeology, water resources, and numerical and physical modeling allow him to add value on a wide range of projects. He is a published author in both technical journals and conference proceedings. He is proficient with ArcGIS, HEC programs, XP-SWMM (1D/2D), WaterCad, SewerCad, StormCad, PondPack, InfoWater, InfoSWM, the EPA SSOAP toolbox, and AutoCAD and has demonstrated his expertise with various programming languages, including FORTRAN, VBA, Python and C++.

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