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Auburn, Alabama

Auburn University Pharmaceutical Research

38,000 square feet

The Auburn University Pharmaceutical Research Building is a 38,000-square-foot lab building developed for the Harrison School of Pharmacy to allow faculty to develop industry research.

The three story building houses research labs, and their supplemental support spaces, as well as principal investigator, graduate, and post doc student offices.

As part of a planned Health Sciences Sector development on campus, the program, planning, and construction teams collaborated closely alongside the School of Nursing, which was under construction alongside this project.

Primary goals of the new Pharmaceutical Research Building are to allow faculty to research a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications and delivery systems for the benefit of the school and the public, and to further the general body of knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences. Drug discovery and development are core elements of the Harrison School of Pharmacy mission and the Pharmaceutical Research Building will greatly enhance the ability of Auburn University researchers to fulfill that mission.