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Vance, Alabama

Möllertech USA

155,000 square feet

Möllertech USA is an automotive parts supplier that manufactures the interior plastic pillars and tailgate covers for Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced in Vance, Alabama, and other Mercedes-Benz factories worldwide. The plant is the German auto supplier’s third location in North America and will serve as a flagship production facility for the company.

The 155,000-square foot facility included a manufacturing plant, technical laboratory, mechanical and machinery services, as well as a management office and conference areas.

From the beginning, the owner wanted a bright, clean and organized interior that integrated ideas and innovations that had proven to be successful in their European plants. Due to the nature of the production process planned for this facility, the design team organized the plan to be flexible for an efficient operational flow and ease of access for regular maintenance. Wide clean aisles, color-coded utilities, open connections between functions and an efficient layout of building systems all helped to achieve the owner’s goals.

The design team was challenged to produce budget-friendly and easily constructible details with typical materials but express the owner’s intent for a modern, premium-designed aesthetic. This was done through the use of floor-to-ceiling glazing, canted recesses, highlighted material usage and specifically placed accent colors.