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Montgomery, Alabama

Park Crossing High School

164,770 square feet

The 164,770-square-foot Park Crossing High School was meticulously designed to create an atmosphere that enhances teaching and learning and accommodates the needs of students. All of the spaces are visually connected to each other, generating a transparent environment that can be easily monitored.

The school consists of two wings, an east and west, with 28 classrooms, eight science labs, four career tech spaces and distance learning classrooms. Seven storm-safe rooms with solid concrete walls have the capacity to withstand winds up to 250 mph and to shelter approximately 1,200 people in the event of severe weather. Heavy steel shutters inside the building lock in place, covering the windows and throwing glass outward, keeping those inside safe.

Two indoor amphitheaters serve as collaborative learning spaces and feature stadium seating, which also functions as stairs to the second floor. A state-of-the-art cafeteria includes indoor and outdoor dining spaces. The wall separating the gymnasium and cafeteria opens, allowing the food-court style space to function as a game day dining area for the Thunderbirds.

“School construction is both on time and under budget.”

— Tom Salter, MPS Senior Communications Officer (The Montgomery Advertiser)