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Christiana, Tennessee

Plainview Elementary School

130,000 square feet

Plainview Elementary School is designed for a 1,000-student core with an expandable capacity of an additional 16 classrooms and 400 students. Due to the availability of land, the school is single-story and part of a campus master plan. The building is organized along a central common longitudinal corridor, functioning as both an orienting link and security feature, as all sections of the school may be visually monitored from four vantage points along the corridor.

“Plainview Elementary is a special place, and that begins with the beauty of our building. I have been in education now for 27 years and I believe this is the most “elementary” elementary school I have ever seen. The layout, the colors and all of the design elements contribute to the high energy of our students and staff. Our building is something we will be proud of for generations to come.”

-Dr. Mark Conyea, Principal, Plainview Elementary School

The layout of the school is organized to emphasize efficiency of function, security, and safety. The secondary corridors intersect the main organizational corridor at nodes that feature specific colors to help students at different grade levels orient themselves. The concept of 21st century school design is a driving principal in the school’s floor plan configuration and approach to technology, both optimized for flexibility.