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Birmingham, Alabama

UAB Honors College

11,314 square feet

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, one of the Southeast’s premier universities, has become world-renowned for providing high-quality education and developing leaders in their respective fields. One of the most prestigious programs within the school is the UAB Honors College.

In an effort to promote the growing need for world-class educational facilities and to steward existing buildings on campus, GMC was selected to transform an existing campus bookstore and an under-utilized corner of campus into extended space for the UAB Honors College. GMC incorporated an outdoor seating area that serves not only to control the thermal condition of the building, but also provide a place for community life. It not only provides much needed shaded exterior space, but also acts as a campus landmark. In addition, an abundance of glass was incorporated to the north end to allow for activities happening within the walls of the Honors College to be on display for the rest of campus.