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Birmingham, Alabama

UAB Science and Engineering Complex

138,842 square feet

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) premier Science & Engineering Complex will become a new beacon on UAB’s campus and yet another world-class facility that educates the next leading scientists and researchers.

“As our programs in science and engineering continue to grow, it is important that we provide facilities to support their educational and research efforts. The new complex will enhance facilities to support strategic initiatives around education, research, innovation and economic development, as well as community engagement.”
-Pam Benoit, UAB Provost

In looking towards the future, UAB determined that the integration of science and engineering would be crucial in providing not only a diverse education, but also one that is rooted in cross-departmental collaboration and multi-disciplinary relationships. UAB sought to rebuild a sense of community amongst departments, update their facilities, and make the best use of the University’s resources by constructing a new Science and Engineering Complex to house Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering. The complex will be designed and constructed in multiple phases to create an interior courtyard.

In keeping with the values of the University, the new complex re-imagines the campus concourse which connects the campus quad to the library and other academic buildings and also reinvigorates the adjacent park fronting the highly traversed University Boulevard. Connectivity between important campus nodes drove the linear design of the two new concourses to the north and south of the building.

Much of the courtyard is built upon the storm shelter of the building and required thoughtful consideration in its materials and design, but effectively uses the site to achieve the programmatic elements desired by UAB.