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Gautier, Mississippi

Gautier Ion Exchange Water Treatment Plant

1.0 MGD

This is the first water filtration system in the State of Mississippi to utilize an ion exchange filtration system.

The goal of Gautier’s water filtration project was to remove the brownish tint in the water pulled from some of the city wells, with comparative low capital costs and low operations and maintenance cost. Upon study, research, national site visits and several pilots, Gautier’s team of professionals determined that ion exchange offers the same clarity as reverse osmosis, with significantly reduced annual operations and maintenance costs.

The City Council adopted its Clear Water Plan, which established three phases for a comprehensive water filtration system. The first phase consisted of constructing a one million gallon per day (MGD) Ion Exchange Facility at the Public Works site on Gautier-Vancleave Road. The pipe system will tie four wells to the filtration system, and distribute the filtered water through the rest of the City’s water system. These wells represent those with the most significant brownish tint. They are the Town Commons well, Beasley well, Honduras well and Gautier-Vancleave well.

GMC engineers determined that phase one would likely clarify water for all potable water users in Gautier because the filtered water will circulate through water storage tanks and throughout the system. The City currently pumps an average 1.6 MGD.