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Conway, South Carolina

Grand Strand Water and Sewer Hydraulic Modeling

9,700,000 linear feet of piping

GMC was secured by Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority (GSWSA) to evaluate treatment and/or transmission alternatives to allow the GSWSA Bull Creek service area to meet 2040 demands.  The Bull Creek distribution system includes a 45 MGD surface water treatment plant, approximately 9,700,000-linear-feet of transmission and distribution piping, 9 booster pump stations, 4 blend wells, 17 aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells, and approximately 85,900 customer connections.

GMC created an all-pipes model with demands tied to customer locations and actual billing data.  Once complete, future scenarios were developed to accurately model future summer and winter demands in 5 year increments to the year 2040.  Once future demand scenarios were established, a level of service analysis was completed to determine deficiencies in the distribution system.

After the level of service was established for all of the transmission/distribution piping, alternatives were developed to improve the level of service throughout the system in future scenarios.  Alternatives include new booster pump stations, new transmission mains, elevated storage tanks, ground storage tanks, new ASR, and new surface water treatment facilities totaling approximately $400 Million.