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Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville Water Resource Master Plan

30,000 acres

GMC and teammate Greeley & Hansen were hired to perform a Water Resources Master Plan for Greenville Water (GW).

Greenville Water is supplied raw water from Lake Keowee and two mountain reservoirs (Table Rock and North Saluda), in which the entire mountain watersheds are undeveloped and owned by Greenville Water. 

The scope of work included: review of previous studies and existing distribution system, evaluation of Regulatory Compliance Requirements, development of service area population and water demand projections to the year 2100, evaluation of raw water supply and performed safe yield analysis based on droughts of record on GW’s two protected reservoirs, addressed climate resiliency with a climate forecast to the year 2100, reviewed and addressed areas of improvement for inflow quantity/quality monitoring into GW’s two protected reservoirs (Table Rock and North Saluda), and developed a surface water runoff model utilizing SWAT to model stream inflow into North Saluda and Table Rock reservoirs for a more sophisticated real-time reservoir operation.