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Henry County, Georgia

Henry County Water Authority Master Plan

GMC was selected by Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) to provide a long-range plan for the development of water and wastewater facilities in the Henry County Water Authority system over the next several years. This Master Plan covered population and demand projections, resiliency, water supply, assessment of the system and evaluation of treatment facilities, and capital improvements plan.

Water Distribution System Platinum Award

Georgia Association of Water Professionals

Henry County will see an additional 124,000 people in the county needing water and wastewater services, growing the water supply and wastewater flow by 1.6 and 2.3 times, respectively. Currently HCWA has 5 water supply sources providing up to 42.8 MGD of withdrawal capacity while identifying 21 resiliency action items. Henry County will have 52 miles of water pipe with 6 MG of storage and their water plant capacity will need to be increased to 50 MGD from 40.1 MGD. Similarly with wastewater, 7 pump stations will need to be upgraded with 34 miles of pipe and their wastewater plant capacity will need to be increased to 27.2 MGD from 12.5 MGD.