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Laurens County, South Carolina

Lake Greenwood Water Treatment Facility and Raw Water Intake

6.0 MGD expanded to 18.0 MGD

The new water treatment plant and raw water intake on Lake Greenwood were awarded in two phases: Phase I consisted of an evaluation to define the design conditions, and Phase II consisted of executing the design. Defining the design conditions in Phase I consisted of population and flow projections, public involvement, permitting, hydraulic analysis as well as piloting of four treatment technologies. 

Best Utility Project

Carolinas AGC 2022 Pinnacle Awards

Piloting occurred at the site of the future raw water intake site utilizing water drawn through an intake screen placed at the approximate location of the proposed future raw water screen. Raw water then underwent sedimentation/clarification treatment through either a plate settler or upflow clarification (SuperPulsator) pilot unit. The pilot configuration then provided the flow to be diverted to either a multimedia filtration pilot unit or a membrane pilot unit.  The pilot units operated for approximately 30 days, during which time data was collected and then analyzed and interpreted.  A recommendation was then made for a treatment technology for the proposed water treatment plant.

2022 Top Project

Water and Wastes Digest

Shortly after the decision regarding treatment technology was made, GMC was hired for Phase II, which consisted of producing project plans and specifications. The treatment plant features ozone pre-treatment for taste and odor, rapid mix and upflow clarification (Superpulsator), multimedia filtration (Greenleaf), two 750,000-gallon clearwells and a finished water pump station. Treatment operations are conducted from a 5,648 square foot, two-story administration building. The first floor houses the chemical feed pumps and day tank storage, with bulk storage being housed outside for ease of access and delivery. The second story is highlighted by a control room with a SCADA system to monitor and control plant operations, along with a laboratory for running tests relevant to the treatment plant.