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Statesboro, Georgia

Statesboro Stormwater Utility and Masterplan

GMC was contracted by the City of Statesboro to set up their stormwater utility and user fee system.  This project included a SWMP Cost of Service Analysis, User Fee Rate Model, Credit Policy, Public Outreach, Enterprise Fund Ordinance and SW User Fee Rate Resolution, and Final Report. In support of this project, the Project Team completed a comprehensive SWMP assessment that included a prioritized capital project database and matrix.

Project Team staff worked with the City to gather information on all unfunded and backlogged capital projects, citizen complaints and maintenance work orders related to drainage. This assessment included a pilot field GIS survey and condition assessment of the drainage system and cost assessment to estimate the City’s total SWMP funding need. Projects were scored based on objective criteria established by the City and were prioritized based on those scores.

Upon successful implementation of the stormwater utility, GMC was contracted to prepare a Stormwater Masterplan. The first phase focused on the following:

  • Complete a drainage system GIS inventory and condition assessment for the entire City (3,667 structures).
  • Develop a maintenance work program and standard operating procedure (SOP) for maintenance.
  • Update and prioritize the capital improvement projects (CIP) list.
  • Delineate watersheds to prioritize watersheds in most need of CIP and for future hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

GMC trained and supervised City Staff to assist with completion of the drainage system inventory and condition assessment, and then wrote an O&M plan using the results from the condition assessment to develop a preventative maintenance program.  Upon completion of the first phase of the City-wide Masterplan, GMC initiated the second phase of the project which includes hydrologic & hydraulic modeling of priority drainage basins and recommendations for system improvements, including regional detention and upgrades of undersized drainage infrastructure.

“During the initial phases of stormwater utility implementation, I was impressed with the well-organized approach that you deployed with regard to project execution. The City staff was kept well-informed through frequent communication, and we appreciated that you and your key staff were present at all stakeholder committee and City Council meetings. In addition to the technical knowledge that you demonstrated, the City staff and City Council were very impressed with the proficiency in which you facilitated and conducted meetings with our citizens and future customers.”

Marcos Trejo Jr.
Stormwater Utility Manager – City of Statesboro