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IAR-065-000-004 Resurfacing and Turn Lane on CR-11 (Copeland Rd) & Washington Ave to Benefit Lassiter Sawmill and Farley Timber

Project # CMGM220047

Town of Millry
Millry, Alabama
Bid Date
February 22, 2024 10:30 am
Bid Type
Sealed Bid
Price Range
$700,000 TO $900,000
List of Bidders
R&R Contractors LLC 251-575-3587
H.O. Weaver & Sons, Inc. 251-342-3025
Mitchell's Contracting Service Inc. 334.225.4678
Arrington Curb & Excavation, Inc. 251.296.3276
*** APPARENT LOW BIDDER Pine City Contracting LLC 251.275.4100
Contact for Obtaining Bid Documents
Download the Bid Advertisement and Plan Order Form. Return Plan Order Form with scanned copy of plan deposit check to Then mail GMC in Mobile, AL. No credit cards accepted.
Download Documents