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Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL

2400 5th Avenue South
Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35233

Tel: (205) 879-4462

Located in the Lakeview District on the Southside of downtown GMC’s Birmingham office is located on 5th Ave South with easy access to Parkside, Northside, Uptown, UAB and Avondale areas. This vibrant area of downtown is growing and evolving with world class restaurants, breweries, cocktail bars and entertainment venues popping up on a regular basis. There’s a community of professionals nearby and we are glad to be a big part of it in our renovated historic building, known as the old Hinkle Brothers warehouse.

Our office has that mix of modern and historic industrial with exposed elements of the original 100-year-old building mixed with a modern office space that promotes collaboration and creativity. We’re proud to call this area rich in history and geography our home. With a wide variety of neighborhoods and industries that are ever evolving, there is always something exciting to work on.

Projects – Birmingham, AL

  • Municipalities
  • Education
  • Water
  • Transportation Engineering