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Ecological Restoration and Mitigation

Offsetting everyday impacts.

In order to better preserve our environment, we must take steps to offset negative impacts with sustainable solutions. At GMC, we engage in rebuilding healthy, high-quality wetlands and streams that protect water quality, provide habitats for fish and wildlife, regulate floodwaters, and maintain surface water flow during dry periods. Our diverse team of engineers, ecologists, biologists, chemists, geologists, and survey specialists provide a comprehensive approach to mitigating and restoring degraded ecosystems. The result: self-sustaining, natural environments that renew our environment and lessen our footprint. 

  • Bank Site Selection 
  • Mitigation Banking Documents 
  • Agency Coordination 
  • Credit Release management 
  • Bank Credit Sales 
  • Monitoring 
  • Stream Restoration 
  • Wetland Restoration 
  • Shoreline Restoration 
  • Riparian Buffer Restoration 
  • Invasive Species Management 

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