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CWS + GMC team up to provide access to clean water in Guatemala

June 30, 2015 · Community

Water-related diseases cause 2.2 million deaths a year. By improving water supply sanitation, hygiene and management of our resources, more than 90% of these deaths could be prevented.

Last month, a team of ClearWater Solutions (CWS) and GMC employees traveled to Champerico, Guatemala with Living Water International (LWI), a nonprofit organization that trains, consults and equips people in developing countries to implement water solutions in their local communities. Working with local residents and civic leaders and the LWI Guatemala staff, who provide the tools and safety instructions needed to construct the well, the team completed a well-drilling project in the Caballo Blanco village in just three days. Local villagers are invited to witness the progress and desired results of the mission, which concludes with a dedication ceremony at the drilling site.

In addition to completing the well-drilling project, the team spent time educating women and children on the importance of personal hygiene, food preparation and safety and home remedies for ailments caused by unsafe drinking water through crafts and Bible stories, as well as classes held near the drilling site. Through these efforts, CWS and GMC hope to help reduce the number of deaths caused by water-related diseases each year and provide a better quality of life for the people in developing nations.

Living Water International “exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and experience “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.” Since 1997, the organization’s training programs in shallow well drilling, pump repair and hygiene education have equipped thousands of volunteers and professionals in the basics of integrated water solutions in 21 developing countries around the world. Take a closer look at how the wells work and learn more about LWI’s impact by visiting the organization’s website at