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ASLA Design Awards honor Chamblee City Hall and Fayetteville City Center Park

May 16, 2024 · Accolades

GMC's landscape team accepting the ASLA design awards.

Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC)’s landscape architecture team was honored with two design awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Alabama Chapter. 

Chamblee City Hall received an Honor Award in the General Design category and the Fayetteville City Center Park won the People’s Choice Award.

Developed simultaneously with the new City Hall, the City Center Park, is exactly what the name implies. Before it was constructed, there was no unifying element to connect the adjacent uses of the county courthouse, library, historical commission, historical cemetery and downtown beyond. The park now acts as the center of these elements and is a recognizable place people are drawn to interact.

The playgrounds are a huge feature of this design, connected to the City Hall through a stream-like water feature. With two playgrounds divided into age groups by a central splashpad, there is enough fun for anyone. A natural aesthetic was chosen and the landscaped zones within the playground help to provide cooling effects, which is a necessity in Georgia. The play zone’s proximity to a newly developed beer garden makes this a great space for both parents and kids to enjoy.

East of the playground, a small dog park allows visitors a place to let their dogs off leash. At the southern end of the park, a large lawn space just below the play zone provides an area for the city to host large events. Additionally, a large retention pond captures all the water from the site as well as neighboring sites. The design team chose to make this a feature, using thoughtful landscaping, a central fountain and a sidewalk loop to enhance a necessary stormwater element.

Fayetteville City Center Park
Fayetteville City Center Park

Similarly, the new Chamblee City Hall serves as the center piece for the City of Chamblee, Georgia’s developing downtown master plan. The building is a beacon for the community and evokes a sense of historical significance and pride.

Upon arrival, the city hall and surrounding site are welcoming and inviting with a variety of open green spaces that promote public engagement and activity. The building embodies and elevates the city’s service model by promoting active community engagement and service.

The design itself consists of a large terraced lawn that serves as the welcome mat for the city. This flexible open space allows the city to host concerts and events for its citizens. A contrast in the materials of the green turf and steel walls creates a visually compelling space to occupy and complement the brick and wood accents of the building.

The people of Fayetteville and Chamblee are proud of their new city halls and enjoy events, concerts, passive play and the ability to build community with engaging lifestyles represented in each new development.

Chamblee City Hall
Chamblee City Hall

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