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Melbourne, Florida

Central Energy Plant at Holmes Regional Medical Center

6,200 square feet

The new central energy plant at Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center consists of an entirely new 6,200-square-foot cast-in-place concrete structure designed to replace an outdated power generation facility within a large hospital.

CEP Holmes Regional Medical Center

The facility serves to replace aging generators and switchgears formerly located inside the existing 1960’s hospital and to provide new offices for the Facilities Department previously located in an aging building on the edge of the campus.

CEP Holmes Regional Medical Center

The building encloses four new emergency generators, a new main switchgear, an emergency switchgear, and new offices for the hospital maintenance and facilities department. The scope covered electrical, including the demolition of the old equipment, the retrofitting of switchgear, new generators and fuel distribution, and all new switchgear.

The project also included demolition of two multi-story structures that formerly occupied the site, and oversized parking areas with electric vehicle charging stations.  The building represented an opportunity to introduce a more aesthetically appealing streetscape to a less attractive face of the campus, therefore extra attention was given to landscaping, site lighting, and architectural finishes. The generator rooms were also designed with architectural features built-in to help meet the City’s noise ordinance.

CEP Holmes Regional Medical Center