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Fort Payne, Alabama

Little Ridge Intermediate School

107,000 square feet

This new $19 million intermediate school replaced the existing aging Williams Avenue Elementary School, offering additional capacity and many of the latest technological accommodations.

The new intermediate school in Fort Payne is part of a larger school initiative by Fort Payne City Schools to renovate and upgrade its educational capabilities and service to the public.

The new school represents a landmark decision by the Fort Payne Board of Education to integrate cutting edge technology for their students and facilities. The school was the first new school in the state of Alabama to be designed to accommodate Power Over Ethernet (POE) lighting technology. The new 107,000 sf facility serves grades third through fifth. The design includes individual wings for each grade, media center, individual teacher workrooms for each grade wing, ICC-500 compliant storm shelter and a competition sized gymnasium to provide the system flexibility during practices and tournaments.

The school system worked closely with the design team to provide additional individualized character through every surface possible. Each wing has unique flooring patterns to provide students learning opportunities as they walk from different areas of the school. The school is a unique facility for both the City of Fort Payne and the State of Alabama. Being one of the top 20 school districts in Alabama, it is important for Fort Payne to continue offering a quality educational experience for its students.