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Mobile, Alabama

Three Mile Creek Trunk Sewer Upgrades

The water main relocation and sanitary sewer rehabilitation project included rerouting existing water mains from within existing sanitary sewer gravity mains and manholes and repairing the sewer manholes and/or gravity mains. The project included addressing conflicts at approximately 60 different locations within the City of Mobile, most of which were located downtown.

GMC provided surveying, engineering design, permitting, bidding services and construction administration on the project. GMC’s commitment during construction to work with the contractor and Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) personnel resulted in a successful project for MAWSS and the City of Mobile. A significant effort during construction was made by all parties to minimize service disruptions for nearby customers and traffic interruptions. In addition, GMC coordinated with the City of Mobile related to stormwater and drainage facilities, erosion control and traffic control, ALDOT for sites located within the connecting links, and other existing utilities (gas, power, cable, fiber, etc.) to ensure the project did not impact any other utilities or critical infrastructure.