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Wellford, South Carolina

SJWD Campus Master Plan

GMC worked with the Startex-Jackson-Wellford-Duncan (SJWD) Water District to develop a master plan and concept of their administrative campus and conduct a facility assessment for other properties owned and operated by the water district including public parks facilities.

The end goal of this effort is a strategic master plan that provides a framework to guide decision making related to the redevelopment of the administration campus with the newly acquired parcels next to the existing administrative building as well as capital improvements for the public parks and facilities in the water district. A series of meetings moderated by the design team with leadership of the water district to develop a collective vision for the future of SJWD and its facilities.

The goals of the study are:

  • Develop the vision for a new administration building including detailed space programming.
  • Masterplan the existing campus site including vehicular circulation
  • Document and assess all SJWD property holdings
  • Provide recommendations for underutilized facilities
  • Study use options for the Old Power Plant
  • Develop strategies to improve the customer and visitor experience