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Alabama’s Largest Meeting Spaces feature GMC projects

March 29, 2024 · Accolades

American Village - Ranked No. 36 for largest meeting space

With 80 companies having headquarters in Alabama, there is always a need for extra meeting spaces. Those spaces run all the way from Huntsville, through the capitol of Montgomery and down to Mobile. Business Alabama recently ranked the largest meeting facilities in the state of Alabama ranked by total square footage.

Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC) is privileged to have designed or provided services on 14 of those ranked meeting spaces. Some of the most notable in the list include the Foley Event Center, American Village, Hoover Met Complex and Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa.

No. 6 – Foley Event Center

The Foley Event Center is in Baldwin County, Alabama. It has 90,000 square feet, 55,000 of which is continuous space. It also has three meeting rooms. The large center is perfect for trade shows, sporting events, conferences and, of course, meetings. Additionally, it accommodates gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, fencing, cheer, dance and pickleball. GMC provided architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental services.

No. 7 – Hoover Met Complex

The Hoover Met Complex is a sports and event venue in Hoover, Alabama. It has 83,000 square feet of continuous space. Those spaces are within the Finley Center, the attached venue to the Hoover Met Stadium. It is designed to serve multiple uses with the Finley Center being able to accommodate sporting activities, trade shows, banquets and more. It also has direct access to the stadium. Each year the Southeastern Conference holds its baseball tournament that draws thousands to the area. GMC provided architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, civil engineering, landscape architecture, surveying, construction materials testing and environmental services for the project.

No. 14 – Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa

The Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa is exactly as it sounds, and it sure it grand. It’s located in Point Clear, Alabama. The resort’s meeting space covers 37,000 square feet in a conference center that was revamped by GMC to give it a cleaner, more upscale look. The Grand Hotel has over 175 years of proud heritage and Southern hospitality. GMC provided architecture, landscape architecture and civil engineering.

No. 34 – American Village

American Village hosts so much more than meeting space. It is a nationally pioneering education institution located in Montevallo, Alabama. It features 10,906 square feet of meeting space. That is spread over the many replicated historic buildings. The site plan is based upon three key elements that represent the coming together of America. American Village is also a popular wedding venue and hosts multiple public events including an annual tulip festival. GMC architect Mike Hamrick has been in partnership with American Village since 1994 helping bring the vision to life. In addition, GMC has provided architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil engineering and environmental services for a multitude of project on the campus.

GMC was involved in many other meetings spaces around the state that are on the list including: