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Senoia, Georgia

Senoia GIS Hosting and Database Development

GMC provides GIS database hosting, database development, infrastructure management services to the City of Senoia.  In order to better track infrastructure assets, the City of Senoia contracted with GMC to development a comprehensive database that includes water, sewer, and stormwater conveyance system features. 

Using a variety of source data such as historical system maps, PDFs drawings, as-builts, and construction drawings, GMC developed an initial basemap of the various infrastructure systems. 

GMC also used GPS technology to field map and inspect the entire stormwater system.  This information was processed and pushed to an online platform that enables the City to view and edit infrastructure data online from a computer, or through the use of mobile devises. 

Edits made to the data are posted immediately, which gives staff access to data as it’s recorded.

GMC also hosts a web application for the City’s Community Development Departments.  This application includes the City’s zoning map, overlay districts, flood plain data, and many other base level data that is used by staff to streamline the permitting and development process within The City.